Nursing Team 

Amy Ducksbury RVN

Name: Amy Ducksbury

Position: Head Nurse

Qualifications: RVN 

Amy joined the practice in 2004

Clinical areas of interest: In-patient care, Anaesthesia, Emergency and critical care.

Personal Interests: When not at work Amy enjoys horse-riding, Swimming and Walking 

Pets: A Jack Russell terrier called Millie and a cat called Dotty 


Name: Jules Allwood

Position: Qualified Veterianry Nurse 

Qualifications: RVN 

Jules joined the practice in 2016 

Clinical areas of interest: Anaesthesia and critical care, wound management and behaviour.

Personal Interests: When not working Jules and her husband enjoy walking, sailing and cycling.

Pets: After losing their last rescue cat to Leukaemia, Jules & Craig have taken on another rescue cat who had been in the rescue centre for 2 years. She was semi feral which is why no-one wanted her but is settling in well and improving daily (although she has a fetish for playing and attacking feet in the night). They ahve also rescued a Border collie called Nelson.



Helen SmithName: Helen Smith

Position: Veterinary Nurse Assistant 

Helen joined the practice in 2014

Personal Interests: When Helen has any spare time she enjoys riding her horses, helping on the farm and spending time with her children. 

Pets: Helen is well known in the practice for rescuing wild animals - So far she has taken home a dove (called Dave), 7 ducklings and has hand reared a hare. She has also rescued a parrotlet which was brought into us as a stray.. She also has 3 horses - Saffy, Tilly and Spicey, a flock of hens and Jacob sheep.



Tracey DeeleyName: Tracey Deeley

Position: Student Veterinary Nurse

Tracey joined the practice in 2015

Personal Interests: When not at work Tracey enjoys knitting, walking and socialising with friends. 

Pets: A cat called Sparky who Tracey rescued after starting at the practice. 


Emma HumphreysName: Emma Humphreys

Position: Veterinary Nursing assistant

Emma joined the practice in August 2016

Personal interests: Emma enjoys walking her dog Ned, baking, yoga and reading.

Pets: A patterdale cross terrier called Ned.





Name: Claire Capstick

Position: Student Veterinary Nurse 

Qualifications: Animal Management Level 3 Diploma 

Claire joined the practice in 2016

Personal Interests: In Claire's spare time she enjoys being a mum to her little boy Harvey and riding her horse. 

Pets: Two Border Collies Rosie and Meg, A Cocker Spaniel Nellie, Three horses Jasper, Beans and Zinc and a raft of ducks! 

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