Management & Reception 

Name: Janet Fox 
Position: Practice Manager
Janet joined the practice in 2002
Personal Interests: When not at work Janet spends a lot of her spare time running dog training classes and walking her two Golden Retrievers.
Pets: Two Golden Retrievers named Clover and Crystal


Julie Crowe Name: Julie Crowe
Position: Receptionist
Julie joined the practice in 2002
Personal Interests: Outside of work Julie enjoys going to the cinema, swimming and skiing.
Pets: A hamster called Titch.

Kayleigh, Reception

Name: Kayleigh Schofield 

Position: Receptionist

Qualifications: Veterinary Care Assistant

Kayleigh joined the practice in 2010

Personal Interests: In Kayleigh's spare time she enjoys walking, running, baking and socialising with friends. 

Pets: Two Norwegian Forest Cats called Boris and Thor and a Springer cross Samoyed called Bear.


Name: Lou TomlinsonLou Tomlinson receptionist at Oakhill Vets

Position: Receptionist

Lou joined the practice in 2013

Personal Interests: In Lou's spare time she enjoys walking her dogs, needlecraft and being a vegan. 

Pets: She has a Jack Russell Terrier called Bob (whose still going strong at 16), A Staffie Cross called Chico and a Bulgarian cat called Purdy. All of Lou's animals are rescued. 



Name: Sue Whitehead Sue Whitehead receptionist at Oakhlll Vets

Position: Receptionist 

Sue joined the practice in 2015 

Personal Interests: In Sue's spare time she enjoys eating out, cooking, horse-riding and ski-ing 

Pets: A Bengal called Benghazi




Name: Diane Williams

Position: ReceptionistDiane Williams receptionist at Oakhill Vets

Di joined the practice in 1996

Personal Interests: In Di's spare time she enjoys walking her dogs, baking, reading and playing the piano.

Pets: Three Border Collies called Meg, Bec and Rosie.



Name: Sam Adams

Position: Receptionist

Qualifications: Animal Nursing Assistant

Sam joined the practice in 2013 

Personal Interests: In Sam's spare time she enjoys Cross-stitch, baking and cooking, horse riding, walking

Pets A beagle called Cassie and 2 cats Mitzi & Cke.






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