Pet Health Clinics 



Dental Clinics - does your pet have a healthy smile?  A look inside your pet's mouth to assess current oral hygeine and we can provide help and tips on how to keep your pet's teeth clean and their breath fresh. Dental clinics are available on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.


Weight Clinics - does your pet have a waistline?  Keeping track of our pet's weight is important.  Current statistics reveal that upto 40% of dogs and 30% of cats are OBESE, causing increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and urinary problems.  We provide help, advice and weight loss tips including special food to aid weight loss. If you would like to attend a weight clinic please make an appointment with a vet initally to rule out any posssible medical conditions (this will be FREE of charge). Weight clinics are run on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. 


Puppy Evenings

Puppy evenings are held at the Windermere branch s for puppies between their first and second vaccination (8-13 weeks).  As well as allowing puppies to socialise, a wide range of topics are discussed such as socialisation, basic health care including worming, nutrition, insurance and basic puppy training.You will be automatically added to the waiting list following your puppies first vaccination. However if your puppy has had their first vaccination elsewhere please let us know so we can add you to the list.



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